Mountaineering & Rock Climing in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are a paradise for any mountaineering activity

The walls of the Dolomites are probably considered the epitome of mountaineering and are an obliged stop of the life of every climber.

The list of top climbers contains many of the most famous mountaineers: Grohmann, Vinatzer, Luis Trenker, a native of Val Gardena, Reinhold Messner made history among the "Pale Mountains".

Already in the late 19th century, the Dolomites were stormed by climbers and today the beautiful peaks of the Dolomites and the many climbing routes for all levels annually attract thousands of mountain lovers.

Alpine School Catores

Together with our partner, the Alpine School Catores, for the more daring guests we offer in addition to daily trekking excursions, via ferrata trips and rock climbing. We can arrange individual tours and climbing courses for beginners and advancedalso.

For those who love to explore their limits, we recommend a visit to the Adventure Park "Col de Flam", a few minutes' walk from the Hotel Adler.

Alpine Friendly Hotel

The Tourist Association Val Gardena has accepted the Hotel Adler as "Alpine-Friendly structure" thanks to the following requirements:

  • Lunch-Package on request (sandwiches, fruit, drinks, energy bars, granola ...) 
  • Early breakfast (also without service, possibly a thermos of hot tea and coffee and dishes already prepared the night before) 
  • Information space with books related to the theme of the Alps (Alpine literature, guidebooks, maps) 
  • Promotion of programs for one or more schools climbing through posters and leaflets 
  • Welcome cocktail in the presence of a mountain guide

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