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Ski World Cup

The Alpine World Cup in Val Gardena has been one of the sporting highlights since 1970. Athletes from all over the world compete on the famous Saslong, “flying” down the slopes at over 100 km/h and over the so called “Camel Humps”. Don’t miss the world cup atmosphere!

Ötzi, the Man from the Ice:
Take a look at the world’s oldest glacial mummy and learn about life in a very distant past. 5,300-year-old Ötzi, plus various items of his clothing and equipment, are to be seen in the South Tyrolean Archaeology Museum in Bolzano.

Cësa di Ladins, the Val Gardena Regional Heritage Museum
Learn about the history and culture of Val Gardena. The local museum ("Museum de Gherdëina" in Ladin) has a section devoted to the history of wood carving in the region, houses the Luis Trenker collection, and offers an insight into the local geology, fauna and flora.

The Ladin Regional Museum in St. Martin in Thurn
The "Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor", as it is called in Ladin, provides a multimedia overview of the language, culture and history of the Ladin people in the Dolomites.

Messner Mountain Museum
Reinhold Messner has dedicated a museum occupying five unusual locations in the spectacular Alpine landscape to the world’s mountains and mountain cultures. The heart of the Messner Mountain Museum is MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen, where the focus is on the man-mountain relationship.

The many churches and chapels of Val Gardena
The oldest church in Val Gardena stands above Ortisei and dates back to the 12th century. It is dedicated to St. James as the patron saint of walkers and pilgrims. The church as it stands today is a Gothic structure. Art lovers will also be interested in the parish churches of Ortisei and St. Christina.

UNIKA exhibition:
UNIKA was established in1994 as a platform for arts and crafts in Val Gardena. Its members include wood carvers, sculpture painters, gilders and ornamental sculptors. With its 500 sq.m. of floor space, the gallery contains works by 45 artists, all of them unique items. Among other things, daily carving demonstrations are also offered.

ART 52 exhibition:
The Cultural Centre in Ortisei provides an overview of modern arts and crafts in Val Gardena, with works of 52 sculptors and painters as well as dealers’ items presented on 330 sq.m. of floor space. The styles of the exhibits are indicative of the sheer variety of developments in local arts and crafts in a tradition that goes back over 400 years.

Information on other events and sights in Val Gardena is available in the hotel.

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