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Alpine treatments

Treatments inspired by the Dolomites

Experience the curative powers of the Dolomites in the flowers, herbs and berries integrated in our Alpine Spa treatments. The treatments are performed using ADLER SPA Bio-Cosmetics. An organic cosmetic line for a natural approach to gentle skin and body care without chemical preservatives – with edelweiss & raspberry, red grape, olive oil, milk & honey. 100% naturally pure ingredients.

Alpin SPA

120 min.
Spoil yourself and your partner in a snuggy "Stube" with a raspberry-based feel-good ritual. Enjoy a bio-sauna, fruity peeling agents, fragrant bath, relaxing back massage and body pack for a smooth skin. The raspberry is rich in nutrients, vitamins and moisturising agents. The result is a radiant and fresh skin, and a born-again feeling.
55 min.
Edelweiss resists the negative effects of the sun, altitude and the elements, and protects the skin against moisture loss and inflammation. As it involves no aromatic substances, the treatment is ideal for sensitive skins.
55 min.
This facial treatment, which is also suitable for sensitive skins, repairs skin damage caused by ageing, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. The stem cells reactivate the biodynamics of dormant cells for complete skin renewal. The lifting effect gives the skin more volume and a compact and radiant appearance.
50 min.
Effective anti-aging treatment with Fitomelatonin, an extract obtained from mountain plants. Its moisturising and rejuvenating effects help produce a radiant and elastic skin. Ideal for mature skins.
50 min.
Effective push-up treatment with immediately visible results. Draining and firming effects.
50 min.
Activates the dormant cells of the skin and strengthens the tissues. Improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces stretch marks.
Recommended before and after sunbathing, during dieting and generally to rejuvenate skins that have lost their tone.
50 min.
Exclusive, thermogenic treatment with grape stem cells and ximenynic acid. Improves the micro-circulation in the treated areas of skin and promotes the elimination of toxins. A phytocosmetic treatment for men and women with unsightly conditions like cellulite and localised fat pads.
50 min.
Scents have mysterious powers. They trigger memories and change our moods. Enjoy a massage with pure natural ethereal oils, and enjoy the fine feeling of warm compression while enveloped in the scent of your choice – in spring, summer, autumn or winter!
20 min.
"Kraxen" is a local word for a backpack once used to bring the hay down from the mountains. Mountain hay is also the main ingredient of the Kraxenofen hay bath, in which the body benefits from the mild herbal vapours. It loosens the muscles and is especially effective for back and neck problems.
Weekly rate € 118
15 min.
As in earlier times, you lie in a fine copper bath and enjoy the essence or herbal bath of your choice. The additives are effective through the skin and sense of smell, bringing relaxation to body and soul.
15 min.
As in earlier times, you lie in a fine copper bath and enjoy the essence or herbal bath of your choice. The additives are effective through the skin and sense of smell, bringing relaxation to body and soul.
50 min.
Two fruity body treatments to give your skin a fresh sheen. Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, the grape is the ideal anti-aging ingredient. With their mineral salts and vitamins, South Tyrolean apples have a powerful cleansing effect.
20 min.
The curative herbs from an altitude of more than 1500 meters above sea level have pain-relieving properties and are a source of well-being, relaxation and health.
Feel the strength of the mountains in the Sarentine pine
15-20 min.
Trehs was a herbal witch who achieved wonders with the Sarentine pine. The needles of the dwarf pine are still used in various treatments today. Their cleansing and invigorating effects let you feel the strength of the mountains!
Peeling with ground dwarf pine cones 15 min. € 41
Creme pack 20 min. € 41
Relax bath 20 min. € 37
50 min
The local mountain orchid unfolds its sensuous warmth in a unique combination of body care and scent. The cleansing effect of peeling is followed by a nutritive body pack for relaxation in vitality. A gentle cream is then applied to the whole body, enveloping it in an enchanting scent of vanilla.
with face pack € 94
45 min.
Head, face an neck massage.

This restful massage at gentle to strong pressure releases tension in the head, shoulders, neck and face and brings relief from tension pain in the shoulders an jaw muscles. Intensive stimulation promotes perfusion and strengthenes the ability to concentrate. Tha massage leaves you with a fresh zest for lifre.

A perfect path to a clear head an relaces shouldern an the ideal was to switch off.
45 min.
It is our feet that carry us through life - over a distance that averages four times the circumference of the Earth. That is why they deserve careful attention.

This foot massage is highly relaxing, a special treat for busy and tired feet. It also helps reduce stress.
50 min.
A ritual that stimulates and strenghtens all the senses.

Raspberry bushes mainly grow along the forest margins on mountain slopes up to a height of 2,000 metres. The berries hava anti-oxidative, vitaminising and sooting properties. The raspberry ritual is a regenerative and moisturising in-depth treatment of the skni combining full-body peeling and massage.

Ideal for relaxation and fora a skin as soft as velvet.

body and facial ritual 80 min. € 118
The feel-good feeling plus extra energy, flexible joints and the lightness of being – with this spoil-yourself sport package. The ideal way to return to top form after some hard days’ skiing, mountainbiking or trekking.  
1 Classic massage
1 Body peeling
1 Myofascial massage
1 Body pack with pinus sarentensis oil
1 Relax bath
1 Sport massage
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