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Beauty Services & Hair Spa 

Beauty Services

50 min. € 47
Manicure with pack 60 min. € 57
Manicure wirh semi-permanent varnshing € 66
45 min.
Thalasso hand treatment
Masque Modelant hand treatment
Body 10 min. € 22
Facial 15 min. € 17
Complete hair removal
Gentle hair removal with honey wax.

Hari Spa

short hair treatment € 33
medium hair treatment € 37
long hair treatment € 39
from € 38 to € 49
45 min. (without drying)
A professional hair care system combining technologically advanced products with special hair care rituals.
Specific treatments for the hair and scalp with the strength of the sea. These feelgood applications are customised to meet your individual needs.
- Rebalance: for the oily scalp, absorbs excessive sebum, restores the natural balance and creates a feeling of lightness.
- Purity: ideal for dandruff; with refreshing and deep cleansing effects.
- Vitality: nutrition for the skin plus energy reserves; ideal for preventing and treating hair loss.
- Comfort: soothes irritated scalps and protects sensitive skins; for a completely relaxed feeling.
30 min. (without drying)
This fortifying algae-based treatment adds a protective barrier layer to your hair and delivers moisture and minerals for healthy hair and a wonderful sheen.
- Re-Hydra: for bittle hair
- Re-Lumina: for damaged hair
30 min (without drying)
Anti-ageing care with regenerative effects to counter the signs of the passing of time. Restores the scalp and gives your hair strength and fullness.
Promotes growth in your hair and helps prevent hair loss.
Treatment & product (without drying)
10 min.
This scalp peeling harmonises oily and dry scalps and scalps with a tendency to dandruff. It has deep cleansing and regenerating effects.
This treatment promotes scalp perfusion and delivers essential nutrients to the hair follicles.
20 min.
price not including washing and drying
Recommended for thin, brittle, and dyed or permed hair.

Special Offers

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