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Body-styling & Thalasso

Bodystyling & Thalasso

15 min.
Salt peeling works in two ways: with a pronounced peeling action and a drainage effect. While the salt grains create a sloughing action on the surface of the skin, the osmotic effect of the salt achieves in-depth cleansing.
50 min.
Sea water and algae masks deliver essential minerals, vitamins and moisture to the skin. Additional eye zone treatment on request.
Face and eye treatment
20 min.
5-pack-programme € 210
Clay is used in particular for its absorbent effects. For these treatments, it is enriched with active agents with tightening or draining effects.
50 min.
Exclusive, thermogenic treatment with grape stem cells and ximenynic acid. Improves the micro-circulation in the treated areas of skin and promotes the elimination of toxins. A phytocosmetic treatment for men and women with unsightly conditions like cellulite and localised fat pads.
50 min.
Activates the dormant cells of the skin and strengthens the tissues. Improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces stretch marks.
Recommended before and after sunbathing, during dieting and generally to rejuvenate skins that have lost their tone.
50 min.
Effective push-up treatment with immediately visible results. Draining and firming effects.
Full body pack 20 min.
Algae contains several active substances such as iodine, vitamins, trace elements and minerals which stimulate the metabolism and support the reduction of fat in the tissue. That reduces cellulite symptoms and gives the skin greater elaticity.
3 pack programme € 138
20 min.
In the ancient worle, salt mud from the Dead Sea was used as a beauty mask for the whole body and as a treatment for problem zones. It is a natural product with gentle cleansing and stimulation effects on the metabolism. This pack is also suitable for disorders of the thyroid glands.
30 min.
This bio-energetic footbath supports the process of detoxification in the cells, strengthens the organism and reinforces your feeling of wellbeing.
50 min.
3-mask package € 229
This effective anti-cellulite treatment involves the use of a mineral mask, which tightens the skin and stimulates the circulation. While the mask is drying, the temperature of the underlying skin rises; the pores of the skin open, and the active agents can be absorbed to optimum effect.
50 min.
Sculpting, toning and pampering. This treatment is targeted at the cellulite look and is designed to firm th skin.
45 min.
An effective in-depth treatment involving gentle stroking movements over the surface of the body so as to activate the metabolism in the relevant zones. This stimulates the anti-cellulite capacity of the body's own tissues. The results are worth seeing!
5-treatment package € 300
50 min.
A «4-in-1» manual body treatment with simultaneous benefits for cellulite, fat deposits, flabby skin and fluid retention. The results derive from the multiple effects of the individual ingredients plus product synergies.
20 min.
A special massage device is used to stimulate the lymph circulation and the release of toxins from the tissues. Ideal after sports, and for heavy legs and cellulite.
• with wrap 30 min. € 68
40 min. € 59
30 min. € 51
20 min. € 47
After this treatment with electronic stimulation combined with infrared rays, you will literally be in better shape. Muscle tone is increased and your silhouette is visibly changed.
25 min.
This refreshing treatment stimulates and strengthens the circulation. Effective for reducing swellings and preventing the development of spider veins. The combination of Presso with high-grade products makes this therapy particularly efficient.
First session € 154
every additional session € 103
The intelligent and effective way to shed the ounds with special laser light.
The fast and efficient way to achieve visible results! The toxins are washed out, the metabolism strengthened. Enjoy a new lightness of being plus a firmer body with smooth contours.
1 Body peeling
2 Presso treatments
3 Anti-cellulite massages
3 Clay packs
The fast and efficient way to achieve visible results! The toxins are washed out, the metabolism strengthened. Enjoy a new lightness of being plus a firmer body with smooth contours.
1 Body peeling
4 Algae packs
2 Infrasnella
2 Presso treatments
1 Reflexology
4 Anti-cellulite massages
2 Body Tec

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