Salt grotto

Salt grotto with underground salt lake and salt-stone sauna

In the ancient world, salt was known to have curative powers and is still highly prized today. The salt grottos are the ideal place to experience its cleansing and regenerative effects on the skin and respiratory tract.

Subterranean salt lake enriched with Dead Sea salt

Let your body float weightless in the warm salt water and enjoy the play of light and the sounds of the spheres. The high-grade salt from the Dead Sea has a cleansing effect on the skin and stimulates the circulation. The state of weightlessness brings complete relaxation to the muscles, joints and vertebral column for an exquisite feeling of lightness and inner harmony. The perfect combination: 20 minutes in the salt lake followed by a session in the rock salt sauna.

Rock salt sauna with crystal salt from the Himalayas

In our rock salt sauna with salt from the depths of the Himalayas, the air is enriched with healthy ions and saturated with valuable minerals. In combination with the high temperature and humidity, the salt cleanses the respiratory tract and strengthens the body’s natural defences. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergic and fungistatic effects. It binds the moisture in the layers of the skin and promotes the process of regeneration for a fresh and revitalised appearance. After about 20 minutes in the sauna, take a cold shower and rest.

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