What can you expect?

To ensure good team work, it is important that we share the same goals and ambitions: We want to be the number one among all the SPA Hotels and Resorts in Italy.

To work towards our goal, not only do we need committed workers and team spirit, but also the following our motto is important for creating the perfect ambiance for our guests:

Our motto:
  • We communicate vitality, friendliness, well-being and a sense of belonging to our guests.
  • We see each other as colleagues and offer mutual support.
  • We have an open ear for the wishes of our guests and colleagues.
  • Our friendly manner towards our guests is one of the reasons why they come again.
  • We keep ourselves smart and fit.
  • We are familiar with the ADLER offerings in other departments, too.
  • We satisfy our guests' wishes before they are spoken.
  • The excellent work we do makes our guests enthusiastic.

When you join our ADLER team, you can expect a trustworthy, open and enjoyable working environment, including: 
  • You are encouraged to accept responsibility.
  • You are free to work independently.
  • We want you to contribute to making decisions; your opinion is important.
  • You can get things moving.
  • You earn an above-average salary.
  • You receive a good reference.
  • You learn from us and we learn from you.
  • We train you and offer continuous education.
  • You enjoy good accommodation and a varied leisure offering in Tuscany.
  • You benefit from top offers for a variety of leisure activities.

You can read about our current job openings below. If you feel that you have what it takes to become part of our team, then we look forward  to hearing from you. Even if there is no suitable job for you at Hotel ADLER at this time, you may still apply. We would be happy to keep you in mind when something opens in your specialty area.

Just tell us in a few words about who you are, what your goals are, your qualifications, a few recent references and why you think you would fit in with the ADLER team. We are proud of our team and look forward to welcoming you!

The Sanoner Family and the current ADLER team

Current job openings

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