Beauty & Body

Give your skin a fresh radiance. ADLER SPA has the solution in the form of innovative beauty treatments and exclusive cosmetics. Place your trust in our fully trained SPA team and learn how to take advantage of your strong points.

With the body-styling & thalasso applications in our highly effective body programmes, you can look forward to fast and effective results.

Immediate success is yours to look forward to.

Bodystyling & Thalasso

15 min.
Salt peeling works in two ways: with a pronounced peeling action and a drainage effect. While the salt grains create a sloughing action on the surface of the skin, the osmotic effect of the salt achieves in-depth cleansing.
50 min.
Sea water and algae masks deliver essential minerals, vitamins and moisture to the skin. Additional eye zone treatment on request.
Face and eye treatment
20 min.
5-pack-programme € 210
Clay is used in particular for its absorbent effects. For these treatments, it is enriched with active agents with tightening or draining effects.
50 min.
Effective push-up treatment with immediately visible results. Draining and firming effects.
Full body pack 20 min.
Algae contains several active substances such as iodine, vitamins, trace elements and minerals which stimulate the metabolism and support the reduction of fat in the tissue. That reduces cellulite symptoms and gives the skin greater elaticity.
3 pack programme € 138
20 min.
In the ancient worle, salt mud from the Dead Sea was used as a beauty mask for the whole body and as a treatment for problem zones. It is a natural product with gentle cleansing and stimulation effects on the metabolism. This pack is also suitable for disorders of the thyroid glands.
30 min.
This bio-energetic footbath supports the process of detoxification in the cells, strengthens the organism and reinforces your feeling of wellbeing.
50 min.
3-mask package € 243
This effective anti-cellulite treatment involves the use of a mineral mask, which tightens the skin and stimulates the circulation. While the mask is drying, the temperature of the underlying skin rises; the pores of the skin open, and the active agents can be absorbed to optimum effect.
50 min.
Sculpting, toning and pampering. This treatment is targeted at the cellulite look and is designed to firm th skin.
45 min.
An effective in-depth treatment involving gentle stroking movements over the surface of the body so as to activate the metabolism in the relevant zones. This stimulates the anti-cellulite capacity of the body's own tissues. The results are worth seeing!
5-treatment package € 300
50 min.
A «4-in-1» manual body treatment with simultaneous benefits for cellulite, fat deposits, flabby skin and fluid retention. The results derive from the multiple effects of the individual ingredients plus product synergies.
20 min.
A special massage device is used to stimulate the lymph circulation and the release of toxins from the tissues. Ideal after sports, and for heavy legs and cellulite.
• with wrap 30 min. € 68
40 min. € 59
30 min. € 51
20 min. € 47
After this treatment with electronic stimulation combined with infrared rays, you will literally be in better shape. Muscle tone is increased and your silhouette is visibly changed.
50 min.
An exclusive anticellulite treatment with an innovative combination of active agents for a neat and attractive silhouette.
• 5-mask package € 395
25 min.
This refreshing treatment stimulates and strengthens the circulation. Effective for reducing swellings and preventing the development of spider veins. The combination of Presso with high-grade products makes this therapy particularly efficient.
First session € 154
every additional session € 103
The intelligent and effective way to shed the ounds with special laser light.
The fast and efficient way to achieve visible results! The toxins are washed out, the metabolism strengthened. Enjoy a new lightness of being plus a firmer body with smooth contours.
1 Body peeling
2 Presso treatments
3 Anti-cellulite massages
3 Clay packs
The fast and efficient way to achieve visible results! The toxins are washed out, the metabolism strengthened. Enjoy a new lightness of being plus a firmer body with smooth contours.
1 Body peeling
4 Algae packs
2 Infrasnella
2 Presso treatments
1 Reflexology
4 Anti-cellulite massages
2 Body Tec
That eye-catching washboard stomach is within your grasp – with our efficient package of treatments.
3 Infrasnella tummy treatments
1 Reflexology
3 Tummy-reduction bandage applications
2 Flat tum massages

Beauty Services

50 min. € 47
Manicure with pack 60 min. € 57
Manicure wirh semi-permanent varnshing € 66
45 min.
Thalasso hand treatment
Masque Modelant hand treatment
Body 10 min. € 22
Facial 15 min. € 17
Complete hair removal
Gentle hair removal with honey wax.

Facials treatments

55 min.
Edelweiss resists the negative effects of the sun, altitude and the elements, and protects the skin against moisture loss and inflammation. As it involves no aromatic substances, the treatment is ideal for sensitive skins.
55 min.
This deep cleansing treatment clears the pores and removes loose skin scale. Afterwards the skin is ready to absorb active substances.
25 min.
A quick tonic for your skin.
25 min.
The Rejuvenating Express treatment is used to stimulate and train the skin's natural anti-aging mechanisms, giving the skin a new radiant freshness.
20 min.
Choose between a rhythmic massage with stimulating and draining effects and a classic facial massage with high-grade skin-care products carefully selected for your type of skin.

Facial treatments GUINOT

50 min.
This treatment with fruit acids and enzymes gives the skin a soft texture. The peeling effect makes those little creases, pigment spots and blackheads disappear, while the active agents penetrate the skin leaving you with a fresh complexion.
55 min.
This lifting treatment with extracts of orange and ginseng delivers fresh energy to the skin and produces clearer facial contours. The results are particularly sensational in the case of tired skins.
50 min.
This facial treatment with ethereal oils and aromatic extracts stimulates the circulation and cell regeneration.
40 min.
The sensitive area around the eyes requires repeated treatment to reduce wrinkles and rings.
Hydradermie Plus 75 min. € 127
Hydradermie Base 55 min. € 99
An exclusive treatment carefully matched to your type of skin. Ionisation permits the skin to absorb the active agents, leaving it looking marvellously fresh and relaxed. Especially recommended for maximum moisturisation and impure skins.
55 min.
This treatment enhances the facial muscle tissues, stimulates the circulation and has a natural lifting effect.

Hari Spa

short hair treatment € 33
medium hair treatment € 37
long hair treatment € 39
from € 38 to € 48
45 min. (without drying)
A professional hair care system combining technologically advanced products with special hair care rituals.
Specific treatments for the hair and scalp with the strength of the sea. These feelgood applications are customised to meet your individual needs.
- Rebalance: for the oily scalp, absorbs excessive sebum, restores the natural balance and creates a feeling of lightness.
- Purity: ideal for dandruff; with refreshing and deep cleansing effects.
- Vitality: nutrition for the skin plus energy reserves; ideal for preventing and treating hair loss.
- Comfort: soothes irritated scalps and protects sensitive skins; for a completely relaxed feeling.
30 min. (without drying)
This fortifying algae-based treatment adds a protective barrier layer to your hair and delivers moisture and minerals for healthy hair and a wonderful sheen.
- Re-Hydra: for bittle hair
- Re-Lumina: for damaged hair
Promotes growth in your hair and helps prevent hair loss.
Treatment & product (without drying)
30 min (without drying)
Anti-ageing care with regenerative effects to counter the signs of the passing of time. Restores the scalp and gives your hair strength and fullness.
10 min.
This scalp peeling harmonises oily and dry scalps and scalps with a tendency to dandruff. It has deep cleansing and regenerating effects.
This treatment promotes scalp perfusion and delivers essential nutrients to the hair follicles.
20 min.
price not including washing and drying
Recommended for thin, brittle, and dyed or permed hair.

Facial treatment ADLER SPA

50 min.
Effective anti-aging treatment with Fitomelatonin, an extract obtained from mountain plants. Its moisturising and rejuvenating effects help produce a radiant and elastic skin. Ideal for mature skins.

Facial treatments MARIA GALLAND

55 min.
A beauty treatment with concentrates in ampoule form in combination with a fine massage ritual and a foam mask as a catalyst. The treatment is designed to tackle the causes of aging in the skin.
50 min.
Innovative lifting treatment with 3D effects. The combination of oriental and western massage ensures delivery of the active agents where they are needed and brings exquisite relaxation.
55 min.
This highly effective mask warms up as it hardens so that the temperature of the skin rises, too. That stimulates the lymphatics and the circulation.
50 min.
Ideal for oily and mixed skins. Leaves you with a clear and pure complexion.
55 min.
Gold, caviar and plant hormones are the precious ingredients in this treatment. While you relax, your skin develops renewed elasticity.
50 min.
Anti-ageing in its most radiant form! Harmonises uneven pigmentation and stimulates visible rejuvenation of the skin.

OTHER Facial treatments

1 Apple peeling and pack 
1 Partial massage 
1 Facial cleansing treatment
Beauty and vitality are not a question of age! With our exclusive, type co-ordinated facial treatments, you skin will glow with fresh and youthful tone.
1 Beauté Neuve facial treatment
1 Hydradermie Lift
1 Liftosome facial treatment
1 Grape peeling and pack
Beauty and vitality are not a question of age! With our exclusive, type co-ordinated facial treatments, you skin will glow with fresh and youthful tone.  
1 Beauté Neuve facial treatment
1 Hydradermie Lift
1 Eye treatment
1 Liftosome facial treatment
1 Grape peeling and pack
1 Thalasso face and eye treatment
Spoil yourself ...
1 Body peeling
1 Clay pack
1 Aromatic facial treatment
1 Classic massages
1 Soin Beauté Minceur
Spoil yourself ...
1 Body peeling
2 Clay packs
1 Aromatic facial treatment
2 Presso treatments
1 Salt hydro massage
2 Classic massages
1 Soin Beauté Minceur
1 Draining massage

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