ADLER MED – Health as the path to oneself

Health is wellbeing in body, mind and soul. Only when body, mind and soul are in harmony do we feel satisfied and happy.

Life and the working world are becoming increasingly complex for the modern man and woman. That creates a permanent risk of overtaxing oneself and neglecting other key aspects of life.

Our holistic health concept helps you to discover and meet your needs in body and soul and so lay the foundation for long-term health and happiness in life.

From modern western medicine to complementary and alternative healing methods, the ADLER MED medical competence centre is staffed by its own interdisciplinary team of doctors from a variety of disciplines such as general medicine, laboratory medicine, aesthetic medicine, modern Mayr medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy and dietology.

Our aim is to work with you to discover your needs in body and soul, and lay the foundations for sustainable health and a new and happy outlook on life.

ADLER Med Diagnostics & Check-up

medical consultation female/male 35+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impendance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
Medical consultation female 45+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impendance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test
Medical consultation male 45+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impendance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test
  • Spirometry (pulmonary funcion test)
medical consultation female 60+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impendance analysis
  • Specific blood test
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test
  • Spirometry (polmonary funcion test)
Medical consultation male 60+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impendance analysis
  • Specific blood test
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test
  • Spirometry (polmonary funcion test)
- Medical consultation
- Basic blood tests
- Follow-up consultation with blood count analysis
- bio-impedancometry
- bioelectric check-up
- nutrition profile
On the basis of the bio-impedancometry analysis it is possible to measure not only the body fat, but also the intra and extra-cellular quantity of water and muscle textures which build up our body.
- Determination of your general state of health
- Measurement of glandular function
- Localisation of inflammatory processes
- Measurement of oxidative stress
- Determination of over-acidification of the tissues
ELISA blood test for food intolerance. This uncomplicated procedure is currently the only scientifically recognised method for detecting allergies.
Classic laboratory analyses and specific innovative tests designed to meet your individual needs:
- Wide range of genetic tests
- Saliva analysis
- Analysis of neurotransmitters in the urine
- Blood tests
Sports performance profiling under medical supervision, with lactate test, body composition analysis and personal training plan.
  • Lipidomic test
  • Free radical test
  • Food intolerance test
following a prior medical examination
Blood tests

• General and specific blood tests from 90 €
• Food intolerance test (Elisa test) 287 €
• Quick Candida test 52 €
• Free radical test 52 €
• Sports medicine blood screening 369 €
• Oxidative stress check from 70 €

Stool and urine tests

• Dysbiosis urine test 70 €
• General stool flora analysis 250 €
• Extended stool flora analysis 350 €
• Neurotransmitter test 100 €
• Oxidative damage urine tests 108 €
• Helicobacter stool test 52 €
Saliva tests

• Stress hormone test 70 €
• Male hormone test 52 €
• Female hormone test 97 €
• Genetic testing for the following
- Cardio-vascular disorders
- Overweight and metabolism from 390 €

Medical therapies

Hydro-colon therapy has been in use for years as a successful technique for intestinal cleansing and rehabilitation.
The colon is gently flushed with sterilised water and oxygen so that the wastes are dissolved and washed out. The colon
then starts to work properly again and normal peristalsis is restored, and a healthy intestinal flora can develop.
This stomach treatment promotes digestion, improves the blood circulation and flow of lymph in the abdomen, stimulates the digestive glands and optimises the metabolism.
HeartMath: for breathing awareness, harmonised heart beat and emotional equilibrium.
Detox day under medical supervision
From time to time the body needs a day devoted to gentle cleansing to liberate the organism of all the toxins that have accumulated. That is the key to relief and regeneration for the whole body and especially the digestive system. Liberation from unnecessary ballast puts an end to chronic fatigue and lack of energy.
You will be amazed: Just one detox day is enough to rediscover the lightness of being!

The programme includes:

  • 1 Medical visit
  • 1 Hydro-Colon-Therapy
  • 1 Manual abdominal treatment
  • 1 Private breathing lesson
  • 1 Aqua Detox foot batch
  • 1 Detox kit
  • 1 Pre-Detox dinner
  • 1 Post-Detox lunch

Aesthetic Medicin

At the end of the session you will receive an individual treatment schedule taking due account of the natural proportions of the face and a balance between biological age and desired age. The objective is to achieve the most harmonious effect possible and underscore your individual
A preventive medical consultation in support of long years of health and an active life. The objective is to delay the biological ageing process, retain a youthful appearance, maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible in old age, and generally help you to live longer.
Brand-new treatments with unique results. The use of laser for skin care, like the removal of
benign tumors and the rejuvenation of photo-aging and skin aging. It allows a deep cleanserpeeling, the rosacea marks elimination and the dilated capillaries on the legs. You could get a real“mini lifting”, due to the laser power to regenerate the collagen and the elastin.
Face rejuvenation  from € 400
Capillaries  from € 205
Hyperpigmentation  from € 256
Stretch Marks  from € 256
Verrucous nevus, skin tags, warts, xanthomafrom from € 256
Biological peeling of the top layers of the skin to stimulate the natural skin rejuvenation processes. Ideal for reducing superficial facial wrinkles, brightening up a dull complexion and lacklustre skin tone, treating impurities of the skin, and reducing pigment marks and age spots.
Micro-injections are used to place medical CO2 in the fatty subcutaneous tissue. This improves micro-perfusion and promotes venous and lymphatic drainage of the tissues.
• with vitamins starting at 200 €
• with hyaluronic acid starting at 250 €
Organic revitalisation for him and her with the aim of normalising the moisture content of the skin and restoring lost elasticity and tone.
A gentle and painless method of filling skin creases and cheeks, tightening the skin of the neck and shaping the lips with hyaluronic acid. This treatment, with its immediately visible results, is the ideal way to tackle the inroads of time by building up volume.
Injections with homeopathic substances.
Indications: cellulite, overweight, poor blood circulation, hair loss, detox, revitalisation.
Removal of
  • common warts
  • seborrhoeic warts
  • broken
  • capillaries
  • and minor capillary haemangiomas
- Medical peeling to reduce pigment or age spots
- Carboxy therapy for the hands- Mesotherapy for revitalisation and treatment of age spots
For the fast removal of spider veins.
A soft lifting treatment without the need of surgery. Electrical impulses are applied to tighten the elastin fibres for a denser skin.
First session € 154
every additional session € 103
The intelligent and effective way to shed the ounds with special laser light.
PRP is a new, non-invasive biostimulation technique or the cells of the connective tissues.

The therapy involves subutaneous injeciton of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) obtained form a small quanitiy of the patient'a own blood. The regenerating characteristics of the plasma offer sensational results never seen beofre. Stimuation of the cells of the connecticve tissues responsible for the production of collagen and elastin tightens the skin and gives it a fuller and more radiant appearance.

The PRP method is also used to stop hair loss.
• 1 Bio-Impendace Analysis
• 1 Analysis of the oxidative stress
La «dolce via» per esaltare la vostra bellezza in maniera armonica e naturale:
• 1 visita medica estetica
• 1 trattamento laser Ringiovanimento del viso
• 1 trattamento viso Post-Laser

Medical diagnostics

Psycho-physical anamnesis.
In his diagnostics, the Austrian physician F.X. Mayr worked on the assumption that many of today's lifestyle diseases such as circulatory disorders, obesity, metabolic illnesses, muscle pain, and a reduced tolerance to physical and mental stress are caused by problems of the digestive system. An F.X. Mayr diagnosis points the way to effective therapy.
homeopathy, homotoxicology, herbal and flower medicine
For seeing and treating the human being as a unity of body and soul.
The iris is a mirror of the body and the soul. Analysis of the eye provides a picture of your state of health.
Your individual nutrition plan will be drawn up with graphic calculations on the basis of body composition, basic metabolism, and your daily sugar and acid intake.
- Bio-impedance analysis- Personal nutrition profile

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