Private Coaching & Therapy

Individual Coaching & Therapy

Do you want to know how fit you are? Our new vitality check is based on simple exercises designed to measure your strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Pulmonary volume is also measured to monitor respiratory function. The data obtained are used to draw up an effective training schedule tailored to your individual needs.
1 session (45 min.) € 64
forfait 3 sessions    € 168
Private Coaching Family 45 min. € 84 (1st person € 64, 2nd person € 20)
Private Coaching Mini Group 45 min. (3-5 persons) € 31 per person
Our fitness coaches will help you draw up your personal training plan in line with your health requirements, and your aesthetic and sporting goals. That is followed by individual training with your ADLER FIT private coach.
  • Healthy Back: targeted back and stretching exeercises for stronger muscles.
  • Abs Killer: strengthening teh stomach muscles with quick an dvisible results.
  • Funcional Private Coaching: simple but highly spedific exercises to stimulate the metabolism, build up strength, and improve coordination and flexibility.  
  • Retone: firming exercises after pregnancy and for improved muscle tone.
  • Rehabilitation: personalized program for restoring the muscles and mobility after an accident or operation.
  • Water Private Coaching: a playful method that is kind to the joints for gentle strength bild-up in water.
  • Junior Private Coaching: Ideal for 14- to 18-year-olds so that you learn what is important for your age group an the righht way to train!
This breathe test it is possible to determine many parameters on the functionally of the respiratory system.
approx. 20 min. € 46
3 treatments € 117
Efficient full-body training that is kind to the joints and offers fast results: increased strength, reduced fat and a shapelier body.
approx. 45 min. € 71
3 sessions € 192
Active and passive stretching of the relevant muscle groups to lengthen foreshortened muscles, protect the joints and relax the diaphragm. The result is improved breathing and stimulation of the venous and lymphatic circulation. Ideal for muscular relaxation.

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