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... is still the main language spoken in Val Gardena? This old language goes back to the period of Roman settlement 2,000 years ago and was influenced by Rhaetian and German. Today Ladin is taught in the schools and is used in various print media as well as on the radio and TV.

wood carving

… is the second most important industry in Val Gardena after tourism? Val Gardena is famous for its artistically carved products and sculptures. In the 16th century, toys and religious works of art were carved out of wood. Today over a thousand people still find employment in the industry, and carved craft products are sold and exhibited worldwide.

Val Gardena’s traditional dress

... is so richly varied and unique because our predecessors travelled far and wide as pedlars and merchants and were able to buy new silk fabrics, ribbons, lace and gems? The traditional dress of Val Gardena – doubtless one of the most interesting and luxurious in the whole of the Alps – is still worn today, mainly for religious processions.

Forestum ad Gredine

... is the name found in the earliest historical record of Val Gardena, which is dated 999? Bishop Gottschalk of Freising Monastery was given the "Forestum ad Gredine" (forest in Gardena). Many centuries were to pass in this inaccessible valley before construction of a road in 1856 brought a measure of economic prosperity.

Luis Trenker

... the famous mountaineer, who made a name for himself as a writer, actor and film director, was born in Val Gardena? He was also an architect and was involved in the design of the ADLER’s Bittnerhaus annex in 1926. He is buried in Ortisei, and there is a Luis Trenker memorial collection in the Val Gardena Regional Heritage Museum.

La ferata – the Val Gardena railway

... was built as a military field railway during the 1st World War to supply the Austrian troops fighting the Italians on the front line there? After the war the steam railway played an important role for freight and passenger traffic, but it was closed in 1960. The old line has since been converted into a walking trail through the valley.
Giorgio Moroder
... the famous music producer and triple Oscar winner, was born and grew up in Val Gardena? He now lives in Beverly Hills but still pays regular visits to Ortisei.

the Alpine Skiing World Championships

.. were held in Val Gardena in 1970? They attracted such big names as Karl Schranz, Patrick Russel, Bernhard Russi and Gustav Thöni. Val Gardena has a long history of winter sports and is the home of a number of successful skiers like Peter Runggaldier and Isolde Kostner. Every year in mid-December, the world’s elite skiers converge on Val Gardena for the Skiing World Cup.

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