28 Feb 2017
Health in Seven Steps
Improve or recover the well-being should be the primary goal of every human being. Even when our mind is directed against others, we should first take care of ourselves because our well-being is reflected in a positive way even on those we love.

In particular, we must take in mind seven key aspects for our mental and physical health, for our welfare and for our spiritual growth.

Dr. med. Gabriel Cousens, has nicknamed them the seven doctors of nature. There are in fact seven forces of nature whose job is to help us maintain a state of health, joy and vitality.

These wonderful gifts septa are:

  1. AIR: Learning to breathe means to nourish the blood of oxygen and rid of all the impurities.
  2. FOOD: Improving our nutrition means gain in health and beauty.
  3. WATER: Water is the main constituent of our body, about 65%, its efficient parts slows down the body's aging process.
  4. MOVEMENT: The first movement of any being is the heart beat; the embryo moves continuously as if the move was an incitement to life, progression to the birth, only death is immobility. Moving means to live, to circulate the blood and release endorphins.
  5. THOUGHT: Think always the best, even when it is not the best, be grateful for the life we have, erase the memory of the past, here and now.
  6. SLEEP: Sleep a sufficient number of hours is essential for recharging the mind and the body to rest, the plants in times of stress may help to recover the physiological rhythms.
  7. PLANTS: Plants and medicinal herbs are the most powerful force of nature and the best medicine. Countless are the healing properties that Nature gives us.


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