06 Jun 2017
The importance of stretching
We might think that stretching is something that affects only runners or gymnasts but in fact everybody needs to maintain a good mobility. Many people who practice physical activity do not dedicate time to stretching.
Stretching keeps the muscles flexible and healthy, while maintaining a proper articulation.

Muscles that are not elongated tend to shrink and become tight. This condition can increase the risk of pain or injury. Besides this, toned and flexible muscles also decrease the risk of tumbling for people that have balance problems. In the stretching session it is not necessary to stretch each muscle of your body but you should focus on the lower limbs without neglecting the back and shoulders where we often tend to accumulate tension. It is revcommended to practice daily or at least 3 or 4 times a week, a good result usually is seen after weeks of constant exercise.

Proper execution: Up to a while ago it was believed that stretching was necessary to warm up and prepare the muscle for the sport activity to be performed. Research has shown that this is not the case, so warm up your muscles before stretching them with a light exercise for at least 10 minutes or do the stretching at the end of the exercise maintaining the posture for about 30 seconds without bouncing. Remember that during the stretching you have to feel tension but not pain.

Have a good workout!



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