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02 Jun 2017
Thaddäus, hiking and ski guide at the ADLER since 1996

Thaddäus Moroder has been guiding skiers and hikers at the ADLER for 20 years. If you were to convert this information, he has hiked around the Earth once, and skied 20 million vertical meters.

This is the portrait of an enthusiast.

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08 Oct 2016
Traditional market Segra Sacun

Every year, the second Sunday in October, there will be held the village festival of San Giacomo, a small district of Ortisei. All begins with the traditionally mass in the San Giacomo church, which is the oldest in town.

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10 Jul 2016
Tyrolean doughnuts 'Grosti'

Today, Ortisei celebraties is patron, Saint Urlich. The whole village is in a festive mood.

In addition to a solemn Holy Mass in the morning and a traditional costume parade, local clubs provide all day for great entertainment, food and drinks.

Therefore today chef Willy Larese reveals his recipe for the traditional Tyrolean doughnuts, called "Grosti" in in Ladin, the local language.

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