ADLER Spa Specials

Treatments for twosomes

8 Programmes

Private Spa Asia

120 min.
Alone together in an enchanting world, you can enjoy an oriental wellness ritual in the traditional spirit of the exotic Far East. Let us envelop you in the pleasant warmth of the steam, cleanse your body with gentle peeling agents and let you sink into a relaxing brine and herb bath. As a finishing touch, your skin will be pampered with natural vegetable oils while a relaxing foot massage takes you into another dimension of ultimate well-being and pleasure...

Private Spa Tyrol

120 min.
Spoil yourself and your partner in a snuggy "Stube" with a raspberry-based feel-good ritual. Enjoy a bio-sauna, fruity peeling agents, fragrant bath, relaxing back massage and body pack for a smooth skin. The raspberry is rich in nutrients, vitamins and moisturising agents. The result is a radiant and fresh skin, and a born-again feeling.

Rasul bath for 2 people

50 min.
The roots of this beauty ritual go back to ancient traditions. Mineral-rich mud is distributed on different parts of the body and then massaged over the skin using the effects of herbal steam. This bath purifies the skin and strengthens the immune system.

Kraxenofen hay bath for two

20 min.
“Kraxen” is a word used in South Tyrol for a backpack frame that the farmers used in the past to bring the hay down from the mountain slopes. Mountain hay is also the main ingredient of the Kraxenofen hay bath in which the body benefits from the mild herbal vapours. It is especially effective for back and neck problems and generally loosens the muscles.

Bath for two

15 min.
Enjoy a soothing essence or herbal bath in a double copper tub. The various additives are effective through the skin and sense of smell, bringing relaxation to body and soul.

Aqua detox for two

30 min.
A combination of everyday stress, poor nutrition and environmental pull causes unwanted waste products to accumulate in the body. This bio-energetic footbath supports the process of detoxification in the cells, strengthens the organism and leaves you with a fine sense of wellbeing

Heaven & Earth

125 € fot one person
225 € for two persons
A unique wellness ritual in an oriental atmosphere. Feel-good scents put all the senses at rest. The treatment has a focus on the head, face and feet as an effective path to equilibrium for the body’s energies. Perfect grooming plus pure relaxation.
Enjoy this fine wellness ritual alone or with your partner.

ADLER package for Two | 2-3 days

Enjoy a few days of deep relaxation alone together! This unique package offers twice wellbeing and double relaxation.
1 wellfelling massage (50 min.) per person
1 facial treatment (50 min.) per person
1 Essence bath for two
1 Rasul bath for two

Kids Spa

6 Programmes

Yogurt Spa Ritual

75 min.
Parent and child relaxing ritual

Pampering Spa with milk and chocolate

75 min.
Parent and child relaxing ritual

AKI Massage

20 min.
Body massage with choccolate, vanilla or raspberry oil.

Fresh Face

25 min.
For a moisturizing and fresh skin sensation, treatment with natural products: yogurt, almonds, honey and clay

Facial cleansing "teen"

50 min.
To be free of impurities and to have a clean skin

Happy Hands & Feet

45 min.
Filing, massage and nail polish applying on hands and feet