Beauty & Body

Beauty Services

5 Programmes


50 min. € 49
Manicure with pack 60 min. € 59
Manicure wirh semi-permanent varnshing € 69


60 min.

Eyelash dying

Eyebrow dying

20 min.


Complete hair removal
Gentle hair removal with honey wax.

Hari Spa

4 Programmes

Washing & drying

short hair treatment € 33
medium hair treatment € 37
long hair treatment € 39

Ladies’/gentlemen’s cut

starting from € 26


(without drying)
This fortifying algae-based treatment adds a protective barrier layer to your hair and delivers moisture and minerals for healthy hair and a wonderful sheen.
- Re-Hydra: for bittle hair
- Re-Lumina: for damaged hair


The power of the sea contained in specific treatments for
your hair and scalp.

Rebalance - Treatment restoring the natural skin balance of oily scalps through the absorption of excess sebum.
Purity - Specific treatment for dandruff.
Vitality - Prevents and treats hair loss.
Comfort - Soothes irritated scalps and protects sensitive skins.

ADLER EXCLUSIVE Facial treatments

9 Programmes

Facial cleanings ADLER

Facial cleansing with JetPeel™

Hydro dermabrasion for a deep facial cleansing. Ultra-fine water droplets and a jet of oxygen remove dead cells and even microscopic impurities that cannot be removed with conventional procedures. This treatment is ideal to prepare the skin to receive personalised treatments.

ADLER Facial Regeneration

Global rejuvenating

The best of cosmetics to dominate time! Senna alata extracts and vegetal melatonin modulate the expression of genes involved in cutaneous aging, preserving the functional integrity of the extracellular matrix and protecting DNA. It is ideal both on young and more mature skins carrying the signs of age. Combined with waters of the Dolomites and hyaluronic acid, the DNA Complex provides deep down hydration for the skin and a regenerated look.

ADLER Facial Fresh

Purifying and hydrating

Reduces skin shine, eliminates impurities and decongests the skin. The algae, sea water and Vitamin C in the citrus fruits from Sicily are precious components regulating the metabolic processes of the skin and supporting skin cell turn-over, for a fresher, younger and more radiant look.

ADLER Facial Radiance

Skin lightener for dyschromia

Dedicated to mature skin. A lightening and energizing action donates a radiant and mat complexion to skins with spots and irregular tone. Red grape anthocyanins are a potent natural antioxidant. Combined with the thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni, they preserve cell DNA integrity from free radicals and inhibit the excessive production of melanin. The skin is more radiant, strong and protected.

ADLER Facial Sensitive

Anti-aging soothing

A hydrating and quenching treatment created to soothe the skin. The alpine star, rich in antioxidative principles, together with waters of the Dolomites and Vitamin B5, protects sensitive skins from pollutants and aging. Skin is provided with long-lasting protection, tone, firmness and radiance, while wrinkles are attenuated.

ADLER Facial Lift

Anti-aging lifting

Treatment with tightening and lifting effects. Sour grape stem cells awake dormant cells and stimulate their production of new fibroblasts, which resume the production of collagen and elastin. Combined with the thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni, peptides and Vitamin A, their restructuring action increases skin tone, elasticity and firmness.

ADLER Man Energy

Specific skin anti-aging and rejuvenating treatment.

Precious components like sea water, algae, hyaluronic acid and aloe rapidly penetrate the skin, achieving intensive hydration and an immediate mat effect. To restore a fresh and young look.

Vital Aging

Beauty and vitality are not a question of age! With our exclusive, type co-ordinated facial treatments, you skin will glow with fresh and youthful tone.
2 Facial treatments (50 min.) 
1 Facial treatment (75 min.) 
1 ADLER Body Tone Ritual

MARIA GALLAND Facial treatments

4 Programmes

Soin Activage

The beauty of more mature skin is reactivated thanks to a perfect response to its specific needs. Expression wrinkles are attenuated, the skin is intensively hydrated, firmness and radiance are improved.

Soin Dermatologique

The ideal treatment to restore natural skin balance, it focuses
on four different conditions to achieve four targeted solutions:

- Impuretès: for oily skin with impurities
- Rougers: for reddened and irritated skin
- Pigmentation: for irregular pigmentation
- Sèccheresse: for dry, dehydrated skin

Soin Masque Modelant

The trace elements of the thermal mask restore a sensation of firmness and tone.

Soin Mille

A marvellous luxury treatment with the precious active ingredients of white truffle and collagen that render the skin smooth, radiant and silky.


3 Programmes


ADLER Premium (face) € 189
ADLER Deluxe (face, neck & decolleté) € 349
ADLER Premium Deluxe (face, neck, decolleté and hands) € 419
Rejuvenating treatment with oxygen, vitamins and nutrients achieving immediate results. This high-tech method delivers active ingredients that are selected based on your skin type via jets of up to 750 km/h at a depth of 1.5 mm, stimulating the production of new collagen and hydrating the skin. Facial muscles are toned, impurities and damaged cells are removed. The smaller wrinkles are smoothed resulting in a considerably fresher and younger skin.

Facial radiofrequency

Rejuvenating Express 25 min. 63 €
Rejuvenating 50 min. 127 €
The use of radiofrequency allows to achieve a real lifting effect thanks to the penetration of heat, which accelerates blood circulation and collagen regeneration.

Facial Beauty

1 JeetPeel ADLER Premium
2 Facial treatment (50 min.)