Analyses & Medical treatments

#only after medical consultation

Instrumental examinations

5 Programmes

Body fat measurement (bio-impedancometry)

On the basis of the bio-impedancometry analysis it is possible to measure not only the body fat, but also the intra and extra-cellular quantity of water and muscle textures which build up our body.

Bioelectric check up

- Determination of your general state of health
- Measurement of glandular function
- Localisation of inflammatory processes
- Measurement of oxidative stress
- Determination of over-acidification of the tissues

Nutritional profile

Your individual nutrition plan will be drawn up with graphic calculations on the basis of body composition, basic metabolism, and your daily sugar and acid intake.
- Bio-impedance analysis- Personal nutrition profile

Lactata Test

Serves to determinate tha aerobic-anaerobic threshold
This breathe test it is possible to determine many parameters on the functionally of the respiratory system.

Labor analyses

6 Programmes

Food intolerance check

Free radical test


Blood samples taken and test results available on the same day in the hotel
Basci blood test  € 94

Specific blood tests:

- TOP profile  € 308
- Thyroi hormone  €131
- Overweitght profile  € 226
- Cardiovascular risk  € 233
- Stress hormone  € 177
- Female sexual hrmone  €186
- Male sexual hormone  € 170
- Bone metabolism  €129
- Aesthetic medicine profile  €223
- Hais loss profile  €209

Genetic testing

- Cardiovascular system
- Nutrition & Genetic
- Insulin and blood glucose
- Genetically overweight
- Detox

Gastrointestinal tests

- Test of digewstive activity (IDEA)  € 179
- Test of intestinal function  € 185
- Analysis of intestinal flora and aromatogramm + prescription of personalized therapy  € 251
- Helicobacter pylor test with prescription of a personalized therapy  € 156
- Test Parassito Logic  € 198
- Faecal occult blood test  € 63

Medical Therapy

10 Programmes

Sound Therapy SoundBalance

Lasser analgetic

Bach flower therapy

Hydro-colon therapy

Hydro-colon therapy has been in use for years as a successful technique for intestinal cleansing and rehabilitation.
The colon is gently flushed with sterilised water and oxygen so that the wastes are dissolved and washed out. The colon
then starts to work properly again and normal peristalsis is restored, and a healthy intestinal flora can develop.

Manual stomach treatment by the doctor

This stomach treatment promotes digestion, improves the blood circulation and flow of lymph in the abdomen, stimulates the digestive glands and optimises the metabolism.

Bach Flowers remedies

Dr. Edward Bach's flower remedies are homeopathic treatments designed to treat patients by targeting negative emotional states that can cause illness. The remedies themselves contain extracts of flowers and plants, diluted in liquid solution.


HeartMath: for breathing awareness, harmonised heart beat and emotional equilibrium.

Mesotherapy for pain relie


Neural therapy