Private Coaching

Your ADLER FIT Private Coach will guide you through an individual trainig programme targeted at your personal goals in terms of fitness, health and looks. Plus a personal training schedule to use back home.

Private Coaching

2 Programmes

Prevention and Back Healthy

3 sessions € 174
Systematic full-body exercising to strengthen the muscles, especially the muscles of the pelvic floor, stomach and back.

Healthy Back
Targeted back and stretching exercises for strong muscles.

Panca Fit
Active and passive stretching for the relevant muscle groups to lenghten foreshortened muscles, portect the joints and relax the diaphragm. The result is improved breathing and stimulation of the venous an lymphatic circulation. Ideal for musclular relaxation.


3 sessions € 174
TRX Suspension Training
The TRX Suspenson Trainer is a sensational exercising system from the USA for a highly efficient full-body workout. Their rope and strap system involves activation of your full-body muscles strength so as to maintain your equilibrium in the various exercises.The TRX Suspension Trainer is ideal for exercising for strength, coordination, balance, stability and endurance.

Body Tec
Efficient full-body training that is kind to the joints and offers fast results: incrased strenght, reduced fat and a shapelier body.