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Baths & Packs

13 Programmes

Salt hydro massage

The warm water massage raises body temperature and dilates the blood vessels; breathing becomes deeper and more vital oxygen is absorbed. The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight for minimum loads on muscles and joints. Tension and stress disappear and deep relaxation ensues. Targeted hydro massage on problem zones increases local perfusion right down to the deeper skin layers.

Body peeling

Chemical and mechanical exfoliations remove the dry skin layers and your skin becomes smooth, bright, fresh and receptive for active substances found in skin care products.

Evening Primrose cream pack

20 min.
This treatment with precious evening primrose oil, distilled water, urea and basic cream assures a smooth skin. The precious ingredients relax, heal skin irritations and moisturize it deeply.

Kraxenofen hay bath

"Kraxen" is a local word for a backpack once used to bring the hay down from the mountains. Mountain hay is also the main ingredient of the Kraxenofen hay bath, in which the body benefits from the mild herbal vapours. It loosens the muscles and is especially effective for back and neck problems.

Weekly rate € 122 (6 sessions)

Rasul bath for 2 people

50 min.
The roots of this beauty ritual go back to ancient traditions. Mineral-rich mud is distributed on different parts of the body and then massaged over the skin using the effects of herbal steam. This bath purifies the skin and strengthens the immune system.

Herbal and essence bath in the Imperial tub for 1 person

As in earlier times, you lie in a fine copper bath and enjoy the essence or herbal bath of your choice. The additives are effective through the skin and sense of smell, bringing relaxation to body and soul.

Aqua Detox

30 min.
This bio-energetic footbath supports the process of detoxification in the cells, strengthens the organism and reinforces your feeling of wellbeing.

Herbal and essence bath in the Imperial tub for 2 people

As in earlier times, you lie in a fine copper bath and enjoy the essence or herbal bath of your choice. The additives are effective through the skin and sense of smell, bringing relaxation to body and soul.

Bath for two

Enjoy a soothing essence or herbal bath in a double copper tub. The various additives are effective through the skin and sense of smell, bringing relaxation to body and soul.

South Tyrolean hay bath

The curative herbs from an altitude of more than 1500 meters above sea level have pain-relieving properties and are a source of well-being, relaxation and health.

Cleopatra bath

A sheet infused with milk and honey is draped over you while you rest on a
waterbed. After being covered with a blanket the water mattress is lowered into
the warm bath but you remain dry in your milk and essences cocoon.

Arnica fango pack

Warm curative mud - also known as fango - has gentle and long-lasting heat transmission properties. That makes it so relaxing - ideal for the relief of tension and cramps. The addition of anrica gives the fango pack a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Curative muds

Treatment and bandage
Curative muds of volcanic origins are rich in various minerals. In combination with pure spring water, they have detoxifying and absorbing effects. They are used particularly in the field of naturopathy to stimulate the body's natural powers of regeneration.
- Bolus Alba, traumata and bruising
- Tephra Figularis, arthrosis and bone pain
- Saxa Magnetica, pain in the joints
- Crura Candida, inflammation, back pain and tense muscles


15 Programmes

Fonctionnel Massage

Highly effective functional massage employing a combination of specific serums from aromatic essential oils and a stimulating massage for targeted problem zone results.

Premaman Massage

Pregnancy massages have a positive effect both on the mother’s and the baby’s well-being. Alleviating stress and releasing tension, they improve body mobility and boost vitality.

Tonyfing Massage

Anticellulite Massage

ADLER Harmony

A rhythmic alternation of gentle and vigorous massage techniques on the head, face, shoulders and nape that improves blood circulation. The intense stimulation also helps releasing painful muscular contractions in the shoulders and jaws. The ideal treatment to disconnect from everyday life, free your mind and relax …

Classic massage

This massage loosens the muscles and stimulates the circulation. Recommended in combination with a fango pack.

Candle massage

Candle Massage

Candle massage

Four Seasons aromatic oil massage

Scents have mysterious powers. They trigger memories and change our moods. Enjoy a massage with pure natural ethereal oils, and enjoy the fine feeling of warm compression while enveloped in the scent of your choice – in spring, summer, autumn or winter!

ADLER Relax massage

Your time is your own on holiday. That makes it the perfect opportunity to make full use of your time for yourself - for example with this special form of massage
performed with the flat of the hand to literally stroke the stress out of the body. The massage creates space for your latent energies – and a feeling of harmony and wellbeing.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Pleasantly relaxing massage with draining effects. Recommended in combination with a thalasso sea mud pack.

Candle Massage

A fascinating and relaxing ritual, with liquid heat to pamper the skin. The candle is made of high-grade wax containing natural plant extracts. As it burns it produces a soothing massage balm. The warm and pleasantly scented oil is allowed to drip onto your body for a relax massage that is the height of enjoyment.

ADLER Light Feet

It is our feet that carry us through life - over a distance that averages four times the circumference of the Earth. That is why they deserve careful attention.

This foot massage is highly relaxing, a special treat for busy and tired feet. It also helps reduce stress.

Dorsalis resonance massage

A combination fo traditional Alpine methods and proven techniques from ancient cultures brings harmony to body and soul. Dorsalis resonance massage realses tension in the musclues of the back and improves the dynamic of the vertebral column. Following a relaxing manual back massage, the muscles are further loosened with the help of cupping glasses and a ht massage roller. Finally, sounding bowsl are used to realse the very last blockages. The sond waves stimunate the metabolic function so as to ward off future problems with tension.
This treamtment provides wellbeing and relaxation for the stressed back, promotes good posture and confers fresh beauty and radiance.

Honey back treatment

This intensive back treatment palpably releases tensions. For centuries honey has ben used in naturopathy. A special massage technique is employed to rub natural honey deep into the back muscles and release the toxins from the tissues. With the help of the meridians, the whole organism is cleansed, stimulated and strengthened.


13 Programmes

Muryabhyanga with herbal bags

Heat released from bags filled with herbs is combined with massaging techniques that improve joint mobility and release tensions and stress.

Ayurveda counselling

Energy diagnosis plus nutrition and lifestyle counselling.

Abhyanga or Kerala

Abhyanga 50 min. € 87
Kerala 75 min. € 125
Massages with warm vegetable oil to reduce tension, and strengthen the immune system.

Ayurveda facial and feet treatment

Beauty treatment with oils, herbs and masks, plus a head and foot massage.

Ayurveda pack

The special mix of herbs, milk and honey neutralises your skin' PH and leaves it feeling soft and supple.


This peeling massage with herbal pastes for in-depth clansing of the skin and activation of the circulation and metabolism.

Kalari treatment

70 min.
Gentle stretching movements relax the posture and a combination of breathing, massage and herbal applications generate inner harmony.

Synchronous massage

This massage technique involves the use of the feet. It activates all the muscles of the body.


Peeling massage with untreated natural raw silk gloves to tighten the tissues. The gloves are then yours to keep and use for giving massages at home.


A gentle trickle of warm oil is slowly poured onto your forehead to strengthen the nervous system and harmonise the hormonal system.
This treatment washes stress away in the truest sense of the word!

Marma massage

50 min
Ayurvedic marma massage is based on a tradition that is thousands of years old. It serves to stimulate the marma points. These marma points, of which there are 108, are the centres of our vital energy. The massage has positive stimulating effects on the inner organs, reduces pain and keeps the whole organism in a healthy condition.

Baby massage and bath

40 min.
A gentle massage followed by a honey and milk bath, which loosens cramps, relaxes and cares for the baby's soft skin.
Minimum age:1 month
maximum age: 6 months


Ancient secrets for wellbeing from the Orient in a modern feel-good package. The most pleasurable path to harmony for body, mind and spirit!
2 Ayurveda treatments (50 min)
1 Ayurveda treatmet (60-75 min) 
1 Kraxenofen hay bath
1 Essence bath  
1 Ayurveda pack

Therapeutic treatments

3 Programmes

Myofascial Realese Massage

A massaging technique using the forearms to release muscle tension, alleviate muscular pain and improve posture and relax. Perfect after long excursions or a day spent skiing.

Specific massages

20 min. € 63
45 min. € 87
This special massage brings effective relief to your trigger points, i.e. points of maximum tension. The pain abates, and natural healing sets in.

Sport massage

Powerful massage with intensive effects on the muscles. Enjoy the massage before doing sports for improved performance and afterwards to loosen the muscles.

Oriental Treatments

7 Programmes

Savonage with black soap

Deep cleansing and skin regeneration are achieved by massaging black soap, made of olive paste, with a kassa glove. Shea butter, with its high content of vitamin E, completes the treatment making the skin soft, hydrated and rejuvenated.

Pinda body care application

Pinda Othadam is a calming and purifying treatment, in which the body is massaged using herbal oils and little cotton bags filled with herbs, spices and flour.

Thai massage

Let those heavy thoughts float away and your tense muscles relax. The Thai massage uses particular stretch techniques which include all muscle groups and relax them. At the same time, blood circulation and mobility are increased.

Hot Stone massage

This is an old massage technique that employs lava stones. Through the Hot Stone massage muscular tensions are released and the energy in the meridians reactivated. It leaves a beautiful sensation of lightness and wellbeing.

Reflexology massage

Our feet are a mirror of all the internal organs. Stimulating a certain point on the sole of the foot has an associated influence with healing effects on the corresponding organ.


This Far-Eastern massage technique is based on the knowledge of the meridian body lines through which flows energy. Through gentle pressure with the fingers (Shi = finger, Atsu = pressure), tensions in the body are released and Qi, our life energy, starts to flow again. The perfect way to eliminate stress.

Heaven & Earth

possible also for two persons
A unique wellness ritual in an oriental atmosphere. Feel-good scents put all the senses at rest. The treatment has a focus on the head, face and feet as an effective path to equilibrium for the body’s energies. Perfect grooming plus pure relaxation.
Enjoy this fine wellness ritual alone or with your partner.