Spa Programmes


2 Programmes


Ancient secrets for wellbeing from the Orient in a modern feel-good package. The most pleasurable path to harmony for body, mind and spirit!
2 Ayurveda treatments (50 min)
1 Ayurveda treatmet (60-75 min) 
1 Kraxenofen hay bath
1 Essence bath  
1 Ayurveda pack

Detox Day

Detox day under medical supervision
From time to time the body needs a day devoted to gentle cleansing to liberate the organism of all the toxins that have accumulated. That is the key to relief and regeneration for the whole body and especially the digestive system. Liberation from unnecessary ballast puts an end to chronic fatigue and lack of energy.
You will be amazed: Just one detox day is enough to rediscover the lightness of being!

The programme includes:

  • 1 Medical visit
  • 1 Pre-Detox dinner
  • 1 Hydro-Colon-Therapy
  • 1 Balance lunch
  • 1 Manual abdominal treatment
  • 1 Private breathing lesson
  • 1 Aqua Detox foot batch


2 Programmes

Perfect Body

The fast and efficient way to achieve visible results! The toxins are washed out, the metabolism strengthened. Enjoy a new lightness of being plus a firmer body with smooth contours.
1 Body peeling
2 Presso treatments
3 Bodystyling massages (50 min.)
3 Bodystyling Clay packs

Flat tum

That eye-catching washboard stomach is within your grasp – with our efficient package of treatments.
3 Tummy-reduction bandage applications
2 Flat tum massages
1 Reflexology


6 Programmes

ADLER a modo mio

4 spa treatments of your choice to a special price + 10% reduction on every additional treatment

(the treaments are valid for 1 person and 1 stay)


Well-feeling package
  • 1 Kraxenofen
  • 1 aromatic massage
  • 1 culinary gift pack from South Tyrol

ADLER Romantic

Romantic time for two with a Private Spa treatment:
  • Private Sauna
  • Peeling
  • Private Bath for two
  • massage
  • Prosecco with fresh fruits in your room

Best of ADLER

1 Wellfeeling massage (50 min.)
1 Facial treatment (50 min.) 
1 Salt Grotto 
1 Fango pack or 1 Cleopatra bath


Say goodbye to the daily chores and enjoy a new lightness of being! A holistic programme for regeneration and relaxation.
1 Body peeling
2 Fango packs
3 Anti-stress massages

ADLER package for Two

Enjoy a few days of deep relaxation alone together! This unique package offers twice wellbeing and double relaxation.
1 wellfelling massage (50 min.) per person
1 facial treatment (50 min.) per person
1 Essence bath for two
1 Rasul bath for two


4 Programmes

ADLER Beauty

Special package
  • 1 facial cleansing
  • 1 pedicure
  • 1 entrance to the Salt Grottos

Facial Beauty

1 JeetPeel ADLER Premium
2 Facial treatment (50 min.)

Vital Aging

Beauty and vitality are not a question of age! With our exclusive, type co-ordinated facial treatments, you skin will glow with fresh and youthful tone.
2 Facial treatments (50 min.) 
1 Facial treatment (75 min.) 
1 ADLER Body Tone Ritual

Beauty Dolasilla

Spoil yourself ...
  • 1 ADLER Body ritual
  • 1 ADLER Body Pack
  • 1 ADLER Facial treatment (50 min.)
  • 2 Wellfeling Massages or Bodystiling Massages (50 min.)